Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kix and the City

Any excuse I can come up with to look at more shoes online is probably not a good one. The past few weeks I've been struggling to pay my bills on time and the last thing I need is a layaway plan (Do they even do layaway anymore?) on some fresh shoes no matter how badly I want them. Nonetheless, I've managed to find myself browsing Kix and the City, a blog dedicated to the wonderful world of kicks, close to every day. You have to appreciate the enthusiasm when they have multiple kicks related blogs, a video podcast, kicks commentary, and a calendar of shoe release dates. Usually I go for the more casual shoe styles (i.e. not basketball shoes specifically), but my personal favorite so far has been the Air Jordan Retro VIII Aqua. WOW! Now it's just the task of making my brain comprehend that staring out them for extend periods of time doesn't make them cheaper.

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